Artsign Outdoors

Since the day 'Big Mike' (Michael Keane) took the streets of Adelaide back in 1971, the signage business has not been the same. Now in its 48th year in business Artsign Outdoors is a true testimonial of time.

Now headed up by son James Keane, Artsign Outdoors offers the same traditional service which has made it so successful with an ongoing passion for quality.

These days Artsign Outdoors boasts a new 750 Sq metre warehouse located on the fringes of the Adelaide CBD in Kent Town. With access to all the latest tools and technology required to get the job done, there is no limits just the clients creativity and ambitions.

Artsign Outdoors still resides by the true values which has enabled it to be around as long as it has. If you are interested in doing signage please contact us to get a quote.